Extract Sound

It makes Windows programs use separate volume controls.
GerixSoft, Ltd.
Perfect Sound Recorder
Professional sound recorder...
Perfect Sound Recorder
Free MP3 Sound Recorder
Record sound from microphone, sound card, internet streaming audio to MP3 file.
NB Software Development

Extract Sound

Comic Sound Pack
Pack of sound effects to be used with MorpHVOX.
Screaming Bee
Visual Sound Recorder
Sound recording program.
ZM Software
123 Sound Recorder
Is a sound recording program.
ZJC Software
Linren Sound Recorder
Powerful sound recording and playing software.
Linren Software
Eastsea Sound Recorder
Powerful sound recording and playing software.
EastSea Software
FreeView Sound
It turns a PC into a data logger, a chart recorder and spectrum analyzer.
Team Solutions
Audiokinetic Wwise
It is a feature-rich interactive sound engine for games.
Audiokinetic Inc.
Units of Sound Stage 3 Sound Installer
Peach Productions
Digital Sound Factory Sound Center World Instruments
World Instruments represents an array of strings, winds.
Digital Sound Factory
Tetra Pro Sound Editor
Sound development tool.

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Mix The Sound

Mix The Sound

...it, makes it sound seamlessly, and generally ...in addition to sound tracks, while...

Extract Sound

Dolby Advanced Audio V2 User Interface Driver for Windows 7
It enables you to easily access and see the Dolby application features.
Dolby Laboratories Inc
Digital Sound Factory Sound Center Urban
Digital Sound Factory
Digital Sound Factory Sound Sound Effects
Digital Sound Factory
Razer Surround
It is a program that gives gamers the best virtual 7.1 channel surround sound.
Razer Inc.
Active Sound Recorder
ActiveX control for sound recording, sound analysis and CD ripping.
MultiMedia Soft
Digital Sound Factory Sound Center Hammond B3
Digital Sound Factory
DMGAudio Dualism
Complete toolkit for stereo work.
It can improve the quality of stereo sound from your speakers.
Space Sound Pro
Intelligent Sound Booster
Intelligent Sound Booster correct automatically the sound quality.
Native Instruments Una Corda
Capture the special sound signature of a custom-made contemporary piano.
Native Instruments GmbH